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Fallen Kingdom is an add-on to give your Minecraft world a new biome, structure, and more. The gameplay involves trying to survive the aftermath of the 60s seconds. Those who died were fortunate for those who survived had to face the aftermath and the kingdom.

Creator: SmokeyStack


  • Biomes
    • Electric Hill
      • Made up of electrified dirt and electrified grass
      • Hilly variation of the electric biome
      • Generates on the borders of the electric biomes
      • Mega Electrified trees generate naturally
      • Home to various hostile mobs and skeleguns
  • Fossils
    • Made up of bone blocks
    • Range from 1-5 blocks tall and wide
    • Has 7 “slices”
  • Joint Skelekeep
    • A secpnd variation of the skelekeep
    • Home to the dangerous skeleguard and skelegunss
    • Contains 2 loot chests
      • Loot table is based on end city loot. Subject to change
Fallen Kingdom.
  • Campsites
    • Generates anywhere in the overworld


  • Skeleguard
    • Added animation


  • Sieve
    • Discontinued


  • Skelesword
    • Updated texture
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