The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch

Do you enjoy Mimic? Playing Minecraft? Oh, my goodness. The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch is for you. The monsters and their lanterns from the Roblox horror game The Mimic are included in this expansion. The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch is a fan-made project with no connection to the game itself. Actual mimic developers, to be precise. If you see this and don’t want me to do it, please let me know, because this addon is being discarded faster than Sama in Chapter 4. (And if you do, could you give me a shoutout? unless-) nah jk….. Please accept my apologies in advance for the ranting in each section. When it’s angry and bold, it’s simpler to arrange.

Cre: ItsDarkwolf6 (Youtube, Twitter)

The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch Trials Update

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The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch includes loud noises and jumpscares.

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The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch


The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch

Make the entity spawn with this event if you’re building anything with these mobs and you don’t want the specific mob to jumpscare a player.

It MUST be completed by YOU or a COMMAND BLOCK. Adding the jumpscare disable to your map through legal ways is an exploit. I will, however, add it if you request it.

The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch Itself (So far)

The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch is still in beta. We’re still going because the feedback has been positive thus far! We’ll jump right to book II if another update comes along, because starting slowly is uninteresting.

Update v0.2b: The Witch Trials

“Control was transferred to the east, where she couldn’t feast. Rage was imprisoned in his strongest cage, seething with rage and counting her days, while Jealousy was banished to the bottom of the sea, part of a forgotten legacy. Rebirth was dragged deep into the earth, where it was forced to observe the world in reverse indefinitely. Four will survive, but all will perish…”

This is the first installment of a two-part update on the Salem witch trials. The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch includes all of the important characters from the Salem Witch Trials. In a future version, the Fleshbags, Kazeko, and Hanzu will be added.

New Monsters

Kintoru / Sama

The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch
The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch
The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch

“For what use is a pawn, if you cannot control it. 制御”

Mom-uh, Kintoru, Sama. This update includes a new feature. For the time being, she can only morph into her own, but if the others are introduced, she will be able to transform into them. For the time being, she can be located in the forest.


The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch
The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch
[FANMADE] The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch Trials Update 24
The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch

This The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch update also includes the addition of Hiachi. She can also be found in the wild in the Forest. I wish I had more things to say… Isn’t her headgear lovely?

At the moment, Hiachi and Sama are quite basic. Futaomote is the source of all the meat in this update. Given that she’s a skeleton… nvm. So let’s get down to business.

Some addons Minecraft PE are simliar to The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch you can check in


The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch
The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch
The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch
The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch

“I became something much worse”

Futaomote has been added (both Futao and Mote). They are naturally found walking around in the forest. They are slightly faster than the player, making obtaining the lantern more difficult. Let’s get started on that, shall we?

Butterfly Spirits

The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch

(They look way better in game)

A Butterfly Spirit will be provided to you if you approach Futao or Mote and communicate with them. You’ll be able to get the lantern if you utilize a butterfly spirit around the twin you got it from.

Light Spirit – Kills Futao.

Corrupted Spirit – Kills Mote.

The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch

If you want to be extra elegant, place them in your off hand and walk around with a companion!

New Lantern

The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch
[FANMADE] The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch Trials Update 25

When you kill Futao or Mote, the Duality Lantern will be dropped. The lantern is portable and may be turned on and off.

  • Crouch and use the object to switch on the lantern.
  • Crouch and hit a stone to switch off the lantern.

As of the witch trials update, the light will unfortunately stay on when you die or remove the lantern. Every 30 seconds, all lanterns throughout the planet switch off. It’s a strange workaround, but it works.

Bonus: Weapons

The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch
The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch

I usually avoid adding fan content, but someone suggested an interesting idea that I wanted to try out. When you kill Futao or Mote, their weapons will fall to the ground. They don’t do a lot of harm, but they’re entertaining.

Original Release Content

Futakuchi-Onna is the first monster you encounter in the Jealousy Book (Book II, Chapter I). She is based on a Japanese folktale about a woman with two lips. At night and on the surface, you can find her naturally spawning in the globe.

The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch
[FANMADE] The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch Trials Update 26

(Way more entertaining in game I promise)

Chase & Jumpscare:

When the player is pursued, her song, Rins Cry from The Mimic OST, is played until she kills you or you escape. She yells in your face when jumpscared, and you die shortly after.

The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch
The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch

She can be killed by feeding her deadly potatoes or pufferfish as if you were taming her. (In the same way as you poison her in the game.) She will die and drop the “Mio Lantern” if you successfully tame her.

Mio Lantern:

The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch
The Mimic: Craftkai - Witch

(Don’t worry about the apple in the inventory.) It worked perfectly because it was old test film. In the final release, everything is textured and polished.)

Rin will drop her lantern if she is slain. As you can see, to turn it on, you must CROUCH and USE the item, and to turn it off, you must CROUCH and HIT A BLOCK. When the lantern is turned on, the area surrounding you will be illuminated, and you will be able to walk around. It’s similar to a dynamic lighting addition.

An aside. When you die or unplug the lantern, the light will remain on. As a workaround, all lanterns throughout the earth will turn off in 30 second intervals. I realize it’s a strange workaround.


– When the player dies, the light will stay where the player died. There IS a fix to this but it requires player.json. As of the Witch Trials Update this is still a thing.

⁃ Jumpscare sounds not playing when jumpscared are HIGHLY REDUCED, NOT FIXED.

– Any feedback is VERY welcome. On how I could do things better, tweaks, or changes. Working on this addon was fun and I would love to make this better.

  • You are free to review ANY of my addons or use them in your maps / servers. all I ask is that you credit me and let me know you did so that I can see your work for myself and see how well you did.
  • Also. DO NOT show off my work as your own. that’s just messed up.
  • You are also completely allowed to look at and use the code. It’s YOUR copy. why would I care? again. just please DO NOT post my work as your own.


Big thanks to @Splex64942199 on twitter for the help! They helped me come up with the weapons idea and flesh out certain monsters!

Huge Thanks to The Mimic. They 100% don’t know I exist but if I wasn’t obsessed with this game and challenged myself to remake the monster my models would of NEVER gotten to this level so far.

Thank you guys for the support!

Shoutout to Sama, Futaomote, and Futakuchi-Onna for being my favorite monsters. 

I hate you Tenome.

Hyakume. You’re a waste of a model.

Kishin… uhhh.


v0.2b: Witch Trials Update

  • Addon has a new name! “Demons and Lanterns” was a boring name.
  • Added four new monsters: Sama / Kintoru, Hiachi, Futao and Mote.
  • Added one new lantern: The Duality Lantern
  • Added Butterfly Spirits.
  • New Release Trailer :0
  • New Addon art because I’m obsessed with showing off like always
  • Updated sprite for Mio’s Lantern
  • Updated item description for Mio’s Lantern
  • Futakuchi-Onna uses her in voice lines when she walks around instead of her enrage cutscene.
  • Fixed a random lantern turn off sound.
  • Developer hates Tenome as much as he did the first release but still insists on adding him more than likely in the next update.
  • Probably more but I forgot.

Download The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch Trials Update (Mcpack) or Here 

Download The Mimic: Craftkai – Witch Trials Update (Zip) 

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