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Fantasy Vanilla Shader

Fantasy Vanilla shader is a shader that is meant to keep Minecraft‘s vanilla aesthetic, but it also gives it some cool twists. Commodity veritably important that should be noted is its performance that can run on low- end bias from 1 Gb of ram-2 GB of ram Only for (Android/ iOS) so I recommend using this shader, I assure you that you won’t lament.

Cre: TheAlexanderツ (Youtube, Twitter

Fantasy Vanilla shader Feature

  • Beams( evening/ daylight)
  • Coloring to the world
  • Realistic murk
  • Beautiful skies
  • Volumetric shadows
  • Realistic waters
  • Acidulous in the water and its depths
  • Movement in leaves and shops
  • Beautiful lighting
  • Rain effect
  • Fog
  • Etc.

Color day and night

Realistic waters

Sunrise and evening



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  • Use this mcpedl link if you want to partake this shader.
  • Please don’t produce another link for this shader.
  • Please ask me for authorization first, if you want to use any law from this shader.
  • This shader may not be supported on some bias, if so tell me about the error on my Disharmony
  • Special thanks TheDoubleAP (Creator RUSPE shader) for helping me with the sunrays law< 3




  • Update v1.3.1!!!
  • Added Beams
  • New terrain color at night
  • More detailed Murk
  • Advanced movement in shops and waters
  • Lowered fog
  • Performance advancements
Fantasy Vanilla shader

Download Fantasy Vanilla shader 

Download Fantasy Vanilla shader (Drive)

Download Fantasy Vanilla shader (File Zip)

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