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FCPE is a lightweight shader pack with the perfect color settings to make your gaming experience feel better and ultimately more realistic, this is the perfect solution for anyone who has a low mid-range device looking for beautiful shaders that don’t require so many resources


Waving plants animation 

Water animation (not a blend)

New clouds 

Artificial lights

Shades and color

New sund and moon

New stars

New sky color

Hot nether!! but no so dark (xd) 

Shades and cristaline water 

Do not reupload without permission

When reuploading, credit me and leave a link to this mcpedl post

When reviewing this or putting this in your list video, leave a link to this mcpedl post, NOT the download link

You can use this freely in your videos or screenshots

All eviroment it’s changed 😀

If You see some bug please report

New stars sun and moon

not yet windows 10 ;(

New clouds!!

I will be working in the skies, I hope I can bring compatibility for Windows 10 1.16 soon … maybe in the next update

Now it’s all Made for me, in the image You can see and if You look the pack two

I tried to make better bruh 😔👌🏽

I don’t know if have any Bug now


Lava and underwater no texture bug 

When You enter the world and textures charge is normal only need a second 

I tried to make better 😔🙏🏾, 

Fox the lava and underwater bug

update the description to see if You can accept it


Supported Minecraft versions




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