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Final Fantasy 16 Is First Main Series Entry That Uses The F Word

The beloved fantasy role-playing series Final Fantasy is known around the world for its impressive graphics, ambitious world-building and complex stories. But with the recent announcement of Final Fantasy XVI, the series has reached a new milestone – it is now the first main series entry that uses the F word.

Final Fantasy fans were delighted at the announcement of Final Fantasy XVI at this year’s Square Enix E3 showcase. Series developer and director, Naoki Yoshida, showed off the game’s gritty artstyle and dark tone, as well as detailing some of its exciting mechanics such as the fusion of real-time and turn-based combat. But the biggest shock was the inclusion of the F word – a term which normally is not associated with the traditionally family-friendly series.

Considering the series’ long history of colorful stories, endearing characters and epic battles, it came as a surprise to many when Yoshida confirmed that the F word will make its first appearance in a Final Fantasy title. When asked about the decision, Yoshida said that “The addition of the F word makes for a unique and engaging story. Its usage adds color and depth to the story and adds another layer to the game’s world-building.”

It’s not just the use of the F word itself that is remarkable, but also its appearance in a traditional fantasy setting. Whereas other RPGs may use language such as this set in a modern or dystopian world, Final Fantasy XVI seamlessly blends an imagined world with mature language, blurring the lines between the two.

It’s unsure how the audience will react to a main series game of the beloved franchise using the F word, but Yoshida is confident that fans will appreciate the story that comes with it. It may be a sign of the times, but it’s also a brave move by Square Enix to innovate the series and make it more accessible to a more mature audience.

Final Fantasy 16 Is First Main Series Entry That Uses The F Word

Final Fantasy is a well known and beloved video game series, spanning over 30 years. This beloved series has kept fans entertained and always looking forward to the release of the next iteration. It came as a surprise to many that in its thirty-plus-year history, the Final Fantasy series has never made use of the f-word. Until now.

What Makes Final Fantasy 16 Different?

Final Fantasy 16 is the first installment in the main series that will make use of the f-word. This marks a huge departure from the series’ history and signals a move towards a more mature direction. It’s a bold move for the series, and one that is sure to polarize some its fans.

Pushing Boundaries

The f-word is known for its strong connotations and its ability to evoke strong emotion. It’s a word that usually only appears in stories that are meant to be aimed at adults, and its inclusion in a Final Fantasy game is sure to be controversial. However, this could be a positive step for the series, and could pave the way for future entries to explore new realms of storytelling.

What Does It Mean For The Future?

The inclusion of the f-word in Final Fantasy 16 could pave the way for future entries to explore more mature themes. The creative team behind the game have stated that they wanted to “push the boundaries” and create a more mature experience. If they’re successful, then this could lead to even more creative and engrossing stories in the future.


Final Fantasy 16’s inclusion of the f-word is an unprecedented move for the beloved video game series. It’s sure to be a controversial topic for some, but it could open up new opportunities for exploration and creativity in the future. If the game is successful, then it could set a precedent for future entries in the series.

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