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Foods Plus 2 for Minecraft PE – MCPE AddOns

The much-anticipated sequel to our biggest addon yet, foods plus is here! Foods plus 2 is a complete overhaul of the original, featuring tons of new foods, mobs, crops, blocks, and more. Additionally, this Foods Plus 2 is also compatible with most other addons, and it’s survival friendly as well.

Creator: Dream pixel (Twitter, Youtube)

Foods Plus 2

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This action-packed add-on features tons of new crops, foods, blocks, and more!

If you’re a fan of the original foods plus addon, you’ll most likely like this one too.

New Foods

This add-on comes with tons of new foods to mess around with! With more being added in the future.

Overview of the foods

Much like the original this version, contains different varieties of food from both fiction and real life.

All of the foods can be gained either from survival or creative mode, here is a short overview of some of the foods featured in this mod.


These guys can be crafted on a crafting bench, then you can roast them over a campfire.


Pies have to be crafted and then baked! They provide a lot of saturation

Fruits and Veggies

All the fruit and veggies can be found in the “crops” section of the creative menu. These foods are grown from the various crops featured in this Foods Plus 2 addon.


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The Foods Plus 2 mod comes with some neat crops! They all have a Semi-Vanilla look to theme and range from simple 2D crops to 3D ones as well! And best of all these new crops don’t require a block-geo fixer to work.

The various seeds can be gained by fishing

Each crop has 4 different stages, similarly to vanilla crops, once they are fully grown they typically change to a darker color and are bigger


Trees! Everybody’s favorite plant, these guys are grown from saplings and can also grow fruit as well. Here’s a simple overview of the new trees featured in this addon.

Maple Trees

You can harvest their leaves and turn them into maple syrup on the crafting table. Additionally, you can also craft some new planks from their logs as well.

The logs can be crafted into red planks

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms can grow cherries

They can also be cut down and turned into pink planks

Palm Trees

These trees, come in many different sizes, they can be planted using saplings and will grow coco-nuts too.

Their logs can also be turned into a neat tropical brown color, also note that due to the sheer size of the palm trees, when you place their sapling and the tree grows there’s a chance it can destroy some of the nearby blocks, so make sure to place these in the wide open field to avoid any damage

New Mobs

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This Foods Plus 2 also features some new mobs! At the moment they are mostly for aesthetics, however, more uses will be added in the future.


These are aesthetic mobs, meaning that they are mostly just for looks.

They can also be tied to a lead

New Blocks

They can be used to build new structures and other things

Additional Infomation

Before using this Foods Plus 2 addon, be sure to enable both Holiday Creator Feature and Custom biomes

Other ways to get items


You can get the items by using commands. Example: /give @s foodsplus2:

Creative Menu

All of the foods can be found in the “nature” section of the creative menu, however, some items such as seeds and crops can be found in their own categories as well. Also, most the the misc foods can be found in the “mushrooms” section of the creative menu and some raw foods are found in the raw food section.

Supported Minecraft Version: 1.19.2, 1.19, 1.18.30, 1.18.20, 1.18.10, 1.18

Get Foods Plus 2 here

Foods Plus 2

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