Forged Pixel Addon V. 1.1 (Lumenite Update)


Are you bored with the current Minecraft features? Do you want more excitement to come? Then here is an addon just for you! This addon adds new items and new blocks! And soon I will add new mobs or even biomes as well! (Subscribe to my channel so I will be motivated to showcase this addon!) 

In this version I added Lumenite to the game! (A New Mineral)

Lumenite Ore is Found below Y=30 and can spawn up to veins of 8. Each ore has a chance of dropping 2 – 5 Lumenite Shards…

 And This Ore Glows In The Dark!

I’ve also added a new light source block; Lumen Light! Lumen Light is essentially a blue glowstone but it shines less than a glowstone.

Crafting Recipe for Lumen Light:

Added a New Ingot ; Lumenite Ingot 

Use Lumenite Ingot to craft the new tools and weapons of this addon so far!

Crafting Recipe for Lumenite Ingot:

Lumenite sadly can’t make the vanilla tools but it does have new tools!

These new tools require a new item! 

 The Lumenite Cell!  It’s essentially the Battery of this Addon! And might even have more use in the future! 

Some of the tools you must put it on your hand and walk to the block you want to break!

Lumenite Drill – Stone, Andesite, Diorite, Granite, Sandstone, Redstone and Netherrack 

Lumenite Chainsaw – All Wood Blocks, All stripped and leaves wood blocks but not any sort of Planks!

Lumenite Excavator – Dirt, Grass, Gravel, Sand, Red Sand and Soul Sand!

•Lumenite Excavator

•Lumenite Drill

•Lumenite Chainsaw

Added a new way to see in the dark!

Glow Sticks! 

Glow Sticks gives you night vision when you hold it!

Added 2 New Food Items!

Derp Potato and Super Potato (These are both Easter Eggs for my channel so go subscribe :> )

The Derp Potato will give you the following effects :





The Super Potato Gives the following effects :

• Regeneration

• Resistance

• Strength

• Insta Health

• Health Boost

• Haste

• Nausea

New Building Blocks!

• Lumenite Block

• Diorite Bricks

• Stone Bricks

-more will come for the future :3


1. Subscribe to my channel :3 – PotatoX2 

2. Make sure Experimental Gameplay is turned on


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