FortressVille – Mansions, Fortress, Bunkers, and More! (V4)


FortressVille is an amazing, creative built world. There are many things including a obsidian fortress, a Norwegian village, a ravine bunker, an oasis, and even a Pandora-like jungle from Avatar. Download and explore FortressVille today!

Version 1:

Version 2 Update:

Version 3 Update:

Version 4 Update:

Version 5 Update:

Some of these builds were made from amazing YouTube tutorials!!



This guy is amazing! The modern mansion and suburban houses I made were his tutorials!!

Link to his channel:



This guy’s build tutorials helped soooo much. My giant acacia treehouse is modeled after his.

Link to his channel:



SheepGG is probably one of the best builders I’ve watched. My two new underground bases are from his tutorials!

Link to his channel:



– Changed skyscraper from black concrete to white

– Made working elevator in skyscraper

– Added penthouse suite to skyscraper

– Reformed grassy island into private beach island/coral reef

– Built two new underground bunkers connected to the main bunker

1. Added a cool Viking ship to the front because… why not?

2. Also added a jungle in the back with floating islands modeled after Pandora from Avatar

3. Built a cool, 4 house suburban neighborhood.

4. Made a gigantic acacia treehouse.

5. Built a house ENTIRELY out of saplings.

6. Made a giant, medieval style wall surrounding all of it.

1. Added a welcome are to start the map with a description of the map and the creator.

2. Added a dining room to the 1st floor of Quadrant 2.

3. Added 2 bedrooms to 2nd floor of Quadrant 2.

1. Added trees and gravel path to Norwegian Village to make it look secluded and rustic.

2. Added wet bar to house for a good view of the Norwegian Village.

3. Expanded suspension bridge entrance to the grounds.

1. Changed the title and name of the world to something more relevant and catchy.

2. Spruced up the interior of the fortress in the world.

3. Changed supported version from 1.11 and 1.12 to just 1.12.


Only works for 1.14.6 and above!!!!


Supported Minecraft versions


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