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Gene Project Addon is a dinosaur component that comes in a variety of beautiful models. It took me a long time to figure it out. These dinosaurs will not grow in the wild, but they are perfect for decorating your Jurassic Park set.

Cre: 白露Bailu (Youtube, Twitter)

Gene Project V1.5.0

I’ve included over 10 different dinosaurs in this component. Each one has its own set of models and animations, as well as its own set of behaviors. Meat-eating dinosaurs, for example, will actively assault players, growl, and so on. If this component proves to be popular, I will continue to create more dinosaurs and add stuff other than dinosaurs to expand the component’s gameplay options.

After that, there’s a dinosaur illustration. I’m not going to name them since I feel everyone knows who they are.

This component can be used in a variety of game versions. I wish you a pleasant stay.

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Gene Project

Download Gene Project

Download Gene Project

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