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Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Version 3.5 First Half Banner Characters

With the arrival of version 3.5 of Genshin Impact, scheduled for February 3, 2021, multiple leaks have revealed the first half of its banner characters. Genshin Impact is a popular free-to-play open-world action role-playing game developed by Chinese game developer miHoYo. It was released on September 28, 2020 for PC, iOS and Android.

The unofficial leaks have confirmed two characters, Kazuha and Xinyan. Kazuha is a Main Character from Inazuma, and Xinyan is a Pyro Character found in Liyue harbor. Both are 5-star characters that can be used to fight the evildoers. They both have special abilities and elemental compatibility. Kazuha has an ability called ‘Soaring Blade’, which allows him to jump high and release powerful slashes of wind. Xinyan is a Pyro Character, who has an ability called ‘Riff Revolution’, allowing her to break rocks with her guitar and deal powerful Pyro damage to enemies.

Players have speculated that the remaining three banner characters will be Chu, Bobby, and Yanfei. Chu is a Hydro Character from Inazuma and Bobby is an Electro Character from Monstadt. Yanfei is a unique characters and is a Legal Eagle from Liyue Harbor who has the ability to generate fire from her claws.

The introduction of the characters will come with version 3.5 and it is expected that the game will become more interesting with their full presence. There are also reports of new game content, maps and divine beasts, which will make the game more attractive.

Players are hopeful that the second half of the characters will be released soon. The introduction of new characters and content will make Genshin Impact more challenging and a more enjoyable experience for the players.

Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Characters for Version 3.5 Banner

This week, fans of the award-winning gacha RPG, Genshin Impact, were given the exciting news that a massive new update is on the horizon. In what is described as Version 3.5, leaks suggest we are getting five brand new characters to add to our ever-growing rosters. Here is what we know so far.

What We Know So Far

According to the leaks, the characters to be included in the upcoming Version 3.5 banner in the first half of the update are as follows:

  • Koro, a fat-cat Anemo Swordsman;
  • Konvil, a water-attuned spellsword;
  • Ricke, a Pyro Claymore user;
  • Mona, a Hydro Catalyst user;
  • Cadeno, an Electro polearm user.

Naturally, the excitement amongst fans has grown as this new update is one of the most significant we have seen so far.

What Are the New Characters Going to Bring to Genshin Impact?

It goes without saying that five new characters are going to have a huge impact on the Genshin Impact world and the way players interact with it. Firstly, there is no one class that dominates in Genshin Impact, so this new selection of five characters provides a welcome variety and encourages players to create new tactics for success.

Additionally, the way each character is attuned to different elements will surely give players even more opportunities to mix and match characters to create powerful combinations. This can be seen with how two catalysts, two claymores and a polearm options add variety to the pool of weapons.

It is certainly an exciting time for all Genshin Impact fans and a great opportunity to explore all of the new possibilities that the five characters will bring to the game.

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