Google brings Verified SMS and Spam Protection to Messages


The Messages app has become Google’s main messaging solution, for better or worse. Recently, the company has taken steps to push RCS support with Messages across devices and carriers. Today, Google has announced two new features for Messages: Verified SMS and spam detection.

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“Verified SMS” is essentially exactly what you would expect. When you send an SMS to a verified business, you will see the business name, logo, and a badge to indicate you are messaging the real deal. Google mentions 1-800 Flowers, Banco Bradesco, Kayak, Payback, and SoFi as businesses that support the feature right now, and Google supports it as well, of course. Messages are verified on a per-message basis.

Google started rolling out Spam Protection for Messages nearly a year ago in select countries. Now it’s rolling out broadly for users in the US. The feature is pretty self-explanatory. If the Messages app detects a message is spam, it will show a warning at the top of the conversation. You can report the number as spam or not spam. Spam Protection will be enabled by default, but users will see a notification when that happens. If enabled, Google will temporarily store the numbers to help identify spammers.


Source: Google

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