Google Play Movies adds its first Dolby Vision HDR titles


Earlier this year, Google announced support for HDR content on Google Play Movies & TV. The company specifically mentioned HDR10+, but we knew it was preparing to support Dolby Vision HDR as well. Today, we’re seeing a batch of Dolby Vision HDR titles available on the platform.

Joker and A Simple Favor are the first two Dolby Vision HDR titles on Google Play Movies. It appears that Google is preparing to announce official support as there is a “Top Dolby Vision movies” section when you search for “Dolby.” Play Movies is still well behind other platforms when it comes to HDR content. Apple currently offers over 600 DV titles.

So what exactly is Dolby Vision and how does it compare to HDR10+? Dolby Vision is a proprietary standard for HDR, whereas HDR10+ is a royalty-free standard. Dolby Vision has a slightly higher bit depth, which measures the number of graduations of colors in an image. That slightly higher bit depth, however, makes for a huge difference in colors. Dolby Vision can display 68.7 billion colors compared to HDR10+’s 1.07 billion. Overall, DV is better than HDR10+ across the board.

Regardless of the best standard, it’s great to see Google Play Movies finally get more HDR content. With a possible rebrand and refocusing on Android TV on the horizon, it’s important for Google’s in-house content store to offer the best quality possible. The company still has a long way to go to compete with Apple and Amazon, but you have to start somewhere.

Source: FlatpanelsHD

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