Google Play Pass expands to 9 new countries and adds a $30/year subscription option


Google launched Play Pass in September of 2019 as a subscription service for apps and games without ads or in-app purchases. While the service has slowly gained more apps, it’s been exclusive to the U.S. this whole time. Finally, Google Play Pass is expanding to new countries and it’s also getting a yearly subscription option.

First, the good news for Android fans outside of the U.S. Play Pass is expanding to users in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, and the UK this week. Once available, users can try the service with a free one-month trial. After that, it’s $4.99 per month, or users can opt for the new subscription option.

Since Play Pass was launched last year, it has had a single monthly subscription option ($4.99). However, Google is now adding a new yearly subscription option. The yearly plan costs $29.99 per year. If you intend to keep the service for 12 months, the yearly plan works out to be half the price of the monthly plan. Apple Arcade, which is similar to Play Pass, but only for games, costs $50 per year (or $4.99 per month).

Lastly, it’s been a while since Google announced new content for Play Pass, but the company says over 150 titles have been added over the past few months. Check out the video below to get a taste of some of the new apps and games. What do you think of the new yearly plan? Does that make it worth it to you?

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