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Groovy Pvp texture pack

Groovy PVP texture Pack was published by Vibe, it is one of numerous pvp texture packs the Creator are planning on making and now he has debuted it. 

Cre: Vibe

Groovy PVP texture Pack

Some screenshots from https://aadhu.com.com:

I will modernize it, If I get good feedback on a texture pack. 

However, comment it down below, I will read it, If you wish to see further effects added in this pack. Some of your suggestions could appear in the coming pack. Groovy is not replacing every single texture of Minecraft, only a many of them. Hope you like it!

New pack coming soon! Thanks for the support!

Some Pvp Texture that Mcpe Addons want to recommend for you: 


– Added the new download link. I forgot to change it before.

Groovy PVP texture pack

Download Groovy PVP Texture Packs

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