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Gundam Evolution Season 3 Introduces New Playable Gundams

The mecha franchise “Gundam” is one of the longest running and most successful in the world. The success of the franchise has seen it surpass multiple generations, with a third season of the popular “Gundam Evolution” video game recently announced.

The new season of the game will bring even more of the thrilling mecha action to gaming consoles, as the cast of playable mobile suits becomes even more varied. In total, the new season will introduce nine new playable Gundams, with a total of thirty-seven being available to choose from. Players will have access to a wide array of weaponry and special moves during their excursions across the game’s three main regions and more.

The main storyline of the game will follow the events of the series, bringing to life the intense battles between Gundam pilots. During their journey, players can customize their mobile suit to match their gaming preferences with dozens of available parts and weapons to choose from, as well as a total of twelve distinctive game modes.

In addition to the new weaponry and game modes, the game will also feature the Ambitions System, which allows players to select from three unique piloting styles from the start. From there, customizing your mobile suit is made simpler, with a variety of customization options available.

The third season of “Gundam Evolution” promises to be just as thrilling and engaging as its predecessors, sure to keep players glued to their screens as they fight their way to glory and victory.

Gundam Evolution’s Season 3 Brings New Playable Gundams

Gundam Evolution is an ever–evolving game series from Bandai Namco that allows you to pilot giant mechanical robots in a thrilling future. The latest iteration, Gundam Evolution Season 3 adds a thrilling new chapter in the long-running Gundam saga.

Season 3 of Gundam Evolution adds five new playable Gundams along with some exciting new features. This season introduces new units for players to collect, build, and customize to create their own army of robots.

New Playable Gundams:

  • GN-009 Assy – The latest addition to the Gundam Evo lineup, Assy has a unique combination of manual and automatic weapons, allowing the player to select and launch various weapons on the battlefield.
  • GN-010 Garuz – Born in the desolate wastelands of the Galactic Republic, Garuz wields a devastating array of weapons and has a highly mobile frame that can quickly traverse terrain.
  • GN-011 Kundar – Equipped with a powerful fusion cannon and heat blade, Kundar is a formidable adversary that can launch missiles to obliterate his enemies.
  • GN-012 Heffly – Developed to fight in the harshest climates, Heffly features a powerful fusion gap generator that can be used to create a shield or launch powerful energy waves.
  • GN-013 Nastor – Nastor combines long-range firepower with a lightning–fast speed to quickly dodge enemy attacks. He is also equipped with an automated battle AI that gives him an edge in intense combat.

New Features:

In addition to the new playable Gundams, Gundam Evolution Season 3 has added some exciting new features. Players can now customize their Gundams with various weapons and parts, allowing them to truly make their robot their own.

The game also features some new destructible environments that can be destroyed in order to gain an advantage in combat. The new single-player campaign mode offers players the chance to learn the ropes while collecting various rewards along the way.

Gundam Evolution Season 3 offers a wealth of new and exciting content that fans of the series will love. With five new playable Gundams, customizable units, and destructible environments, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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