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This a new skyblock map with few biome based island. Also it has huge shop system. The nether and the end in normally generated but the over world is fully on void. It is possible to get almost everything of normal game by the help of shop. So download and enjoy✌.

There are total 12 islands with a nether , a end and a shop. You can earn coins by selling different items like planks,cobblestone,foods etc. With coins you can buy other important item like lava,water,saddle etc.

The main Islan. You will start with a backpack(shulker box) with few basic items for skybock. Make you way to the other island and find new stuffs.

Few Island👉: 

The shop island( from where you can enter the shop )👉:

The Shop. Left two shows the selling section and Right to shows the buying section. There are total 5 buying section. Almost all the item is available either by buying or crafting.

The nether. Buy some obsidian and flint and stell from the shop. Complete the portal and light it up . The nether is normally genarated

The end. Buy enderman and blaze spawn egg from the shop and get ender pearl  and blaze rod . Craft eye of ender and go to the end.

Visit all the island and collect the rewards from the chest on each island. Go to nether , go to the end ,go to end city and elytra. Enjoy normal skyblock with many other advanced feature.

Your main goal is to defeat the ender dragon . Side goal:

-make a house to live in

-make a village

-make animal farm

-defeat the wither

If you make a youtube video please give me credit and don’t claim this map as your own . Please.

This map was created in 1.12 version of mcpe .

Now it has been updated to 1.16(beta). Unfortunately not all the features of 1.16 has been added . But soon they will be added . Also new island as well .

New Items:

-bee hives

-‌honeycome block

-‌honey block

-‌ancient debris


-‌crimson and wraped nyluim

-‌crimson and Warped Stems

-‌soul soil


New Mod:




Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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