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Are you bored of quarantine? And you are looking for a fun and challenging parkour. Then this map is for you. The hardcore Parkour (Easy Edition) is a hardcore parkour which is a parkour which is pretty easy but dying will make you start from the beginning. It’s time for some fun and challenging parkour. PLAY NOW! 


The hardcore Parkour will offer a new challenge to your existing skills. This parkour map offers a very large stage. The further you go the harder it gets

This map will have a very big stage which is filled with different blocks to offer a fun and challenging experience! There are 10 different blocks filled in this stage. Could you end this hardcore Parkour? Play it to figure it out.!

Map style:

This map is filled with different blocks to offer a different and unique experience .

The map is filled with 10 different blocks which is mentioned above.

The ten different blocks are:

1.Coal ore

2.Iron ore

3.Gold ore

4.lapis ore

5.redstone ore

6. Diamond ore

7. Quartz ore

8. Wooden fence

9.Cobblestone wall

How to play:

I think everyone knows how to play parkour. Playing parkour is very easy. All you need to do is jump and land on the next block. And repeat it until you go to the end of the parkour.

How to download:

To download this map press the download mcworldword below which is colored in blue.

After pressing it you will be redirected to adfly. Wait for 5 seconds and then press skip ad. After pressing skip ad, something will ask for notifications then press deny (Do not press allow). Now, wait for 30 seconds.It also may take a while for the web to ask it. So, keep staying there until it ask for notifications. There might be some ads below while waiting for the web to ask for notifications. Do not press on the ads.


Thank you!


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