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This is the first Minecraft Practice PvP map with Legendary PvP features. I think this map gives live to Minecraft pvp. These features were only available on servers. But now we can use this map to practice PvP…


First, Minecraft’s combo fly PVP MAP.

Play with friends or alone!!


One of my favorite features in PVP!! It gives unique experience while you hit and take your opponent up and control them!! If your opponent is weak then it’s fun!! But if your opponent is more strong then you then its more fun!!

(You can also practice with Minecraft villager to improve your combo PvP skills [feature added] !!)

How to play?

– Walk inside combo PvP cave and fall down in map to go to combo PvP room

– Get items from the chest

– Teleport to area

– fight

(Auto teleporting to the hub after reaching arena)

Your combos can take your opponent upside just like PvP God!!  That feels soo cool!!

Practice Your combo Control with villager

OP health villager!!! So you can practice without any break for long time

Beautiful arena!!

2-NoDebuff (pot pvp)

PvP with heling potion (pots)

PvP and heal simultaneously!!

How to play?

– Walk inside NoDebuff cave and fall down in map to go to NoDebuff room

– Get items from chest

– Teleport to area

– fight (Auto teleporting to hub)

What make it soo exciting?

PvP with your friends, wile PvPing your health will go down in some seconds heal with healing potions(pots)  You have many healing potions but each pot is taking 1 slot, so if your hotbar will run out of pots you need to open your inventory now its time to use ender pearl and teleport far away to get some potions on your hotbar and you have few seconds to get potions and your friend just reached near you he is going to kill you!! You ran!! His helth is 1 and you dont even know!!

Never give up!!


– Play with Friends

– heal with pots

– teleport with ender pearl

1v1 with one and only

NoDebuff Kit-

– Sword

– Armor

– Healing potions around 30 (full inventory)

– Ender Pearl

– Food

– Bottle of swiftness

Play with friends!!

Invisible Floor above lava!!
Trust me you can walk on it!!

Make shure you heal yourself with pots on time!!

I Died because I forgot to heal myself😂

Combo PvP and NoDebuff were only available on servers, Now it is also available in map!!!

More features Comming soon!!

Each and every Update Of this map will be only available on MCPE DL and on My YouTube!!


Q:- I entered map now where to go?

a:- Enter any Cave you want (combo pvp cave, NoDebuff cave….) and the door will automatically open jump inside!!

Q:- From where will we get armor sword..

a:- After you enter cave and jump you will be teleported at a room where you will see a chest(box) open it and take stuff (Chest get renewed automatically)

Q:- How to teleport to arena

a:- There is a button given in the same room where you will get sword and armor..

Q:- What if I Killed everyone and left alone in arena?

A:- This is not possible after you kill someone command block detect the number of player in arena and if it detected 1 then it will teleport that player to HUB.

+Ask Question more question

Special thanks to my brother HawkMentor ( PvP God!! ) for helping me in my map!!


– MC DiggerYT

– Link Updated

– Featured Image Improved . . .

Supported Minecraft versions


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