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Hogwarts Legacy Primes the Gaming World for One of Rockstar’s Underrated Gems to Return

As the gaming world eagerly awaits the release of Hogwarts Legacy, an open-world, action role-playing game set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, Rockstar Games is setting itself up for a bit of a resurgence with its underrated franchise of Red Dead Redemption.

Rockstar’s Western-themed open-world action-adventure game, first released in 2010, has been one of the most successful and acclaimed games of the past decade, with its two main entries—Red Dead Redemption (2010) and Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018) —scoring near-universal acclaim from both fans and critics.

Now, with the recent confirmation of Hogwarts Legacy’s release date, the prospect of a return to the world of Red Dead Redemption seems more likely than ever. With the Harry Potter franchise’s massive worldwide following and the commercial success of the two Red Dead games, the likelihood of another entry into the franchise is looking increasingly positive.

Despite recent news of developer Rockstar facing several lawsuits, the company’s management has made it very clear that they are still in good shape financially, reassuring fans of the franchise’s future. Furthermore, this recent development comes after several job postings by the company pointing toward a potential sequel in the works.

Given the immense success of the two main entries in the franchise, it is also likely that the company will go back to the RPG elements of the Red Dead Redemption series as well. This means that we could be looking forward to a deeper and more involved version of the open world that we’ve come to know and love.

The potential for a new Red Dead Redemption game has sparked a lot of interest from the gaming community, with some already speculating that it could be released as early as 2022. Only time will tell if this speculation proves to be true, but one thing is certain — the excitement surrounding a potential return of the fan-favorite western title is palpable.

Whether it be Hogwarts Legacy or Rockstar’s return to Red Dead Redemption, the gaming world is truly in for a treat.

Hogwarts Legacy Primes the Gaming World for One of Rockstar’s Underrated Gems to Return

The announcement of Hogwarts Legacy has been a welcome return to Hogwarts. While the Harry Potter franchise has been as popular as ever over the years, the video game franchise hasn’t really received the same level of attention. With the launch of Hogwarts Legacy, there’s now some hope that this could be the spark that ignites the flame for Rockstar Games’ forgotten gem, Bully.

What Was Bully?

Bully was one of Rockstar’s most ambitious projects. It was an RPG set in a school, where the player had to navigate a treacherous high school dynamic as Jimmy, a student wielding a wooden slingshot and a mighty will, to stand up against the oppressive regime of bullies. The game, for all its controversy at the time, garnered a fan base over the years.

The Legacy of Bully

While it wasn’t a mainstream success, there’s no denying the impact Bully has had in the gaming industry. It pioneered a genre that was later picked up by titles like The Stick of Truth, The Walking Dead and even more recently, Among Us. Players were captivated by the immersive environment, the school-based antics, and the epic battles.

Will Bully Return?

With the success of Hogwarts Legacy and the rise of the ‘school’ genre, it’s likely that Rockstar will soon revisit the world of Bully. Combining Rockstar’s trademark humour and the RPG mechanics of Hogwarts Legacy, a new Bully game could be an incredible experience. Fans of the original will surely be excited and the potential to have open-world missions and side quests, with the humour of a new gang of bullies, could really bring something new and different to the genre.

What to Expect from a Potential Bully Sequel

If Rockstar does decide to move forward with a sequel for Bully, here’s what we can expect:

  • A Larger Open-World – Bully was already a sandbox game, and with a sequel, the scope of the world can be expanded even further to bring in new characters, side-quests and locations.
  • Improved Mechanics – Over the years, Rockstar has become better and better at creating an immersive experience. A new Bully could take these mechanics even further to help players immerse themselves in the world.
  • A Deeper Story – As with any Rockstar game, you can expect a deep and engaging story filled with twists and turns that take Jimmy on an unexpected journey.
  • Humour – The original Bully was full of dark humour and satirical digs at authority figures. Expect this to come back in full force in any potential sequel.


If Rockstar does decide to bring back Bully, we could be looking at one of the most epic and ambitious games of all time. With Hogwarts Legacy doing so well, it could be the perfect time for Rockstar to revisit the world they created more than a decade ago and bring back one of their most underrated games.

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