HP announces the Reverb G2 VR headset in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft


HP is announcing its Reverb G2 headset that it teased a while back as being developed in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft. It’s made for seamless integration with Windows Mixed Reality and SteamVR, and it has the same dual 2160×2160 displays with a 114-degree field of view as its predecessor.

The audio experience is new though, with HP adding spatial audio on speakers that sit 10mm from the user’s ear. On top of audio improvements, there are camera improvements. It uses four-camera tracking for 1.4x better movement capture.

As you’d expect from HP, comfort was a focus as well, as this unit adds a better facemask cushion and improved weight distribution. The Reverb G2 also comes with new controllers, and they can be pre-paired with the headset for an easy setup experience.

“The HP Reverb G2 is an exciting device that takes advantage of the inside-out tracking technology in Windows Mixed Reality for full six degrees-of-freedom movement and spatial audio,” said Mark Bolas, partner director of incubation at Microsoft. “With four cameras, the controller tracking feels even more like an extension of your hands, making the sense of immersion that much stronger.”

The Reverb G2 will be available this fall for $599. Pre-orders will go live today on HP.com, Steam, and select partners.

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