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HSBE V4 Water and Cloud Update

Harrington Shader (HSBE) is a shader that makes your Minecraft more vibrant and unique. This shader has many features but it’s vanilla + theme like vanilla clouds reflection and default sun reflection. This shader is only for Android and iOS users. And now it supports Minecraft bedrock V1.17

Creator: Wanze (Youtube, Twitter)

HSBE Shader

  • Sunset and Sunrise
  • Day
  • Night
  • Rain
  • Underwater

The deeper you go, the darker you’ll get

  • Nether
  • The End
  • Other


  1. Vibrant coloring
  2. Beautiful sky
  3. Colored light
  4. Glowing ores
  5. Option
  6. Water wave
  7. Underwater wave
  8. Leaves wave
  9. Bloom sun
  10. Sun reflection
  11. Beautiful end sky
  12. Atmosphere
  13. And others


In the version under 3.0 of these shaders, there was a sub pack feature, but there were lots of lag complaints from users. And many users gave suggestions to make an option for these shaders. So in V3+ shaders, there is a feature called “option” where you can modify this shader. You can activate or deactivate some features of these shaders.

How to modify the option?

  • Mobile: Go to this shader file (Android>data>com.Mojang.minecraftpe>resourcepack)>shaders>glsl>lib>open “option.h” there is a way to use this option there.

write “//” before “#define” is off

remove “//” before “#define” is on


  • Glowing copper ore
  • Water update
  • Double layer cloud
  • Reflection update
  • Coloring adjustment
  • Reflection adjustment
  • Fix some IOS bugs
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