Idle : Build Your Slayer


Build your machine and upgrade it to can purchase more boosters and stuffs.

Play with your friends for better experience (The map is Co-Op and Solo).

Buy crates to get boosters and unlock more features. 

How to play ?

Slayer is a machine that kills mobs to sell their drops to get money .

You have to upgrade the slayer and try to boost it as you can to get more coins .

The goal of the map is to get rich .

Every level of Slayer will makes the machine spins faster and kills the mob faster and everytime you upgrade it it will unlock new mob spawner .

How to use shop ?

Every level will need specific price every hight level you get the price will get higher .

You can help your machine by using some boosters by opening crates .

You can use new feature named “Unlock-Free” by using a specific codes that you can only found in our discord server . (You can found the link in the map) .

About the map :

The map has some packs to help us in decorations.

The map is 1.16 and multiplayer 


Supported Minecraft versions


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