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Ever wish you could blow up a jungle temple or even burn down a woodland mansion? With these three new wands, you can fulfill all of your psychotic desires and more! I highly suggest you don’t use any of these in a survival or multiplayer world as they are very destructive.

How to Use?

Simply use it like you would use a food item or a projectile (right-click or hold)

  • The Evoker Wand: This weakest of the wands and the most boring one
  • Use it to summon evocation fangs to do your bidding (to kill stuff)
  • The TNT Wand: The bane of naturally generating structures everywhere
  • Summon a strip of TNT to blow your troubles up
  • It can turn this humble village:
  • Into this wasteland:
  • The Flame Wand: The most destructive (and cool looking) one
  • Call upon a square of fire to incinerate your surroundings
  • It can sweep an entire forest in minutes:
  • Who knows what untold destruction would occur if one utilized all the wands..? (try it!)
  • Here are the crafting recipes for the wands:

WARNING: Please avoid using these wands in any survival or multiplayer worlds as they can and will destroy everything.

I have added absolutely nothing at all lol lol lol

  • Added recipes for all the wands so you can craft them up!


  1. Open the mcaddon file after you dowload it
  2. Let Minecraft open it up
  3. Apply the behavior and resource packs to the world
  4. Enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions


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