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InSaRe’s Warfare Addon [Version 4]

1. Redesigned sprint animations for all pistols from the first person.

2. Slightly modified: sounds; tactical sprint animations for all weapons; animations of all sniper rifles; animations from the 1st person for M17, SIG P226, PM, Glock19.

3. Redesigned some reload animations.

4. The player’s body will rotate back and forth from the 3rd person.

5. Added redness of the screen and the sounds of the player breathing at low health.

6. Redesigned animations for Stim, He Grenade, Flash Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Benelli M3, Spas12, Mossberg 500.

7. Added a new interface, showing authors and assistants.

8. Redesigned models of all grenades.

9. Redesigned models of weapons from the Project [Company] pack.

10. Bullets break glass.

11. Removed pack 2067.

12. Fixed bugs with grenades.

13. Added third-person animations for Medkit, Knife, Balisong.

14. Hands from the first person are placed below.

15. Added the function of selecting subpackages. Now you can choose the type of your hands in the resource pack settings for the addon, choose Alex hands or Steve hands.

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