It’s Finally Time to Try Shenmue III, Down to $20 for the First Time Ever


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Shenmue III (PS4) | $20 | Amazon

The Shenmue III announcement was like a rollercoaster of emotions. The reveal happened during a Sony E3 press briefing, which many thought meant we were in for a first-party continuation of one of the Dreamcast’s many gems. What we got instead was a Kickstarter link with a bunch of stretch goals that did more to douse our fire than ignite it.

Shenmue III—is not the game it should have or could have been, but it’s still worth playing if you’re interested in avenging Ryo Hazuki’s family and recovering the Phoenix Mirror. To be honest, $60 was a bit much to ask for this at launch, but the game is sitting at a cool $20 at Amazon, so go ahead and throw one into the cart if Ghost of Tsushima somehow failed to command all your attention.

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