(JOLLY 1) Jolly’s Fantasy World [Creation]


If you’re looking for a Minecraft version of JOLLY 1, then you found the right map. Explore Jolly’s Fantasy World to find your friends, Jolly, Tweetie, George, and Maxie. Have some fun at Jolly’s.

This map is a RECREATION of JOLLY 1 and it is a creation map. I remade all rooms of Jolly’s, made differences to the original game, and added more details. I made the exterior of Jolly’s different to the game because the Minecraft version of JOLLY 1 is non-canon and it is inspired by McDonalds and Jollibee.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the game nor the characters. Jolly 1 is owned by IvanG and the original Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise is owned by Scott Cawthon.

WARNING: DO NOT REUPLOAD THIS MAP TO OTHER WEBSITES. If you want to make a video about this map, credit me and put the MCPE.DL link in the description, as long as you don’t steal this map. This rule applies to all Minecraft maps

This map contains:

  • Working Office door
  • Working cameras (Coming Soon)
  • Working light switches (Only applies for the window lights, but it will be added to other rooms)
  • Working elevator
  • Ability to crawl vents
  • Stage Lights (Coming Soon)
  • Sealing Vents (Coming Soon)
  • Resource Pack (Maybe if possible)

Dining Area

When you enter Jolly’s, you are inside The Dining Area. On the right side of this room, you’ll see a doorway and a sign that says “TO FANTASY LAND!“, which will lead to another dining area named “Fantasy Land Dining Area” where you can enjoy to eat there!


There is an elevator which you’ll use it to either go to the 1st floor or the 2nd floor.

How it works?

Outside the elevator you’ll see the button which will go to, depending on which floor you are located. Press the button, DO NOT SPAM, wait for about 10 seconds. Then you’ll hear a “ding” sound. Then the doors will open. Get in quickly before the doors close.

Inside the elevator, you’ll see 4 buttons. 

The first pair of buttons located on the left are named “Floor 1” and “Floor 2”, which are used to bring you to either one of these floors; and the second pair of button located on the right are named “Open” and “Close” which are obviously used to open and close the doors. When you go to one of these floors, press the button and an ambience will play for about 10 seconds. When it stops, you’ll hear a “ding” again then you are in the destinated floor, so the doors will open and you get out of the elevator. I added this part of the description to not cause glitches and bugs to this map.

Main Stage

At the 2nd floor, you’ll find your best friend, Jolly and Tweetie at The Main Stage. This is the best part to see them perform at the stage.

(NOTE: The armor stands are used as placeholders for the animatronic locations)

Beside The Main Stage, you’ll see a doorway, which will lead to a hallway of three doors.

Party Room 1

The first door will lead to “Party Room 1“, where you’ll see George performing on stage and entertains children to enjoy his show.

Party Room 2

The second door leads to “Party Room 2“, where you’ll see Maxie performing on stage. Her room looks similar to George’s room, as both stages are placed at the same position.


The third door leads to an “Employees Only” room named “PARTNSERVICES”. This room is where customers, especially children, are prohibited to enter this room, because this room is for maintenance and contains private property.

The Office

If you’re the night guard, this is the right place for you to work.

Use the window light to check if someone is at the front of your office and close the door if an animatronic is gonna enter your office. Watch your 6.

Air Vents

Air Vents are located in Party Room 1, Party Room 2, and outside your office. To crawl into an air vent, you must press the button at the front of the vent door (as shown below):

To crawl out of the air vent, you must press the button below the vent door (as shown below):


  • Map created by Star GasMa
  • Original game by IvanG
  • Original Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon

  • Changed both the brief description and description to make it appealing to Minecraft players.


NOTE: This map only supports Bedrock 1.14 and above.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

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