Kit PvP, Parkour and Minigame Map


Kit PvP, Parkour, Tnt Race and more (Pig Race, Boat Race and a Bosss fight). All the other minigames are resettable for you to play as many times as you want!

The Lobby has multiple teleports to minigames. The Minigame Hub has two information books English and Spanish. Also, there’s hidden rooms and mini parkours arround the hub.

The main kit PvP map is a floating island with 5 mini biomes, mobs like zonbies, bees, and blaze spawn but die 2 minutes later to reduce lag. There are caves in every single mini biome with particle effects. Also enchantments in every mini biome.

The Pvp “One Punch” is ready! You dont need any kit, just with your fist!

Also added a new PvP map, this one you will have to earn emeralds to upgrade your kit!

Added a Porkour section, we are working on 4 more porkour maps!

TnT Run, has a reset button.

Boat Race

Pig Race

Sky PvP (Only Bow)

Follow on Twitter @Letsugue17 or @MCMultiPlay for more info or maps :33l

All downloads maps will be posted on @MCPEDL

Have fun Y’all!! 

Here is the new changelog:

1- added a new pvp map with an option to upgrade your kit with emeralds you earn killing enemies.

2- Opened the One Punch Fist PvP, you won’t need a sword, just your fist.

3- Added a parkour section but just one map is finished, 4 more maps are already getting build.

4- Added all the parkour related maps to one main PVP Lobby.

5- Now more potion blocks will be found in the “Sky Fall” PvP/Minigame.

6- Added new sounds when getting kits or teleporting.

7- Created a brand new lobby for “Mob Fights” and there will be 2 minigames, A boss Fight and a round Fight.

Just updated the featured image to relate it to the map :3


Once the file is downloaded, give a click and it will automatically install.


Supported Minecraft versions


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