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Invite your friends and have an epic battle within this world! Where you choose your own characters and fight with one another to gain experience and money!! More experience and money, more chances of winning!! Download this map and see who is the greatest gladiator within your circle of friends!!

In this world, you will fight with your friends in this arena!!

But, you will battle with them while using one of the characters that are available!! Each and every one has different skills and abilities, so find the best one that suits you!!

20 Characters available at the main character selection:


-Heavy Knight








-Wolf Master











8 VIP Characters that are available upon purchasing the VIP pass:

-Cactus Boy




-Bomber Man


-King of Aquiria


The VIP pass is available inside the shop, where you use your money to buy items that will help you during battles!!

Upon buying the VIP pass, not only you have access to the VIP characters, but also an access to the VIP fishing pond!!

Also, you can now go to the VIP shop, which contains greater items for bigger chance of victory!!

And hey! If you are lucky enough to have many wins, you can buy the VVIP pass to get to the VVIP shop!!

Inside this shop, you can trade your experience points in exchange for “magic orbs”, another form of currency! With this orbs, you can get the greatest item you can only find in this shop!!

So, invite your friends and battle with them like gladiators inside this epic KitPVP world!!

Version 2.0 is coming soon!!

-Changed the arena walls from obsidian to bedrock

-Added new items to VVIP shop

-Boss fight added

-Boss like powers added

-Changed the arena’s wall from concrete to obsidian to prevent it from getting destroyed by explosive projectiles

-Removed the iron trapdoors to easily access the characters

-Few minor tweaks and addition (for improvement and also for the v2.0 in the future)

-Fixed errors inside the map:

*Deleted the barrier on top of the arena so that /spreadplayer command will work completely

*Some of the character bugs like the werewolf, monk, and wolf master

-Changed the descriptions to make it more specific and detailed 


(If you don’t have any apps that can import .mcworld files directly to your mcpe, just follow this steps!!)

-Install the file

-Rename or convert the file type to a zip file

-After renaming/converting it, move the file to where your minecraft worlds are saved

-With that done, open your minecraft PE app and, TA~DA~!! You can now play the world with your friends!!


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