Lance Furniture

Lance Furniture adds more useful decoration for the fan of Minecraft to build a beautiful world. Explore tons of cool stuff such as fridge, coffeemaker, toaster, microwave and more… All furniture in this addon completely works and is easy to use, redesigned textures will surely fit well in your house.

Creator: LancelotF, Twitter

Lance Furniture

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There are more modern and realistic touches to your house with this modern-looking furniture. It is still in progress beta, so there are more cool things added in the future.

Download Lance Furniture Addon

Lance Furniture BP
Lance Furniture RP

Working furniture

Coffee maker

First, you have to interact with cocoa beans to load the coffee maker with coffee. Then makê a mug with one quartz mineral and interact with the coffee maker. Finally, you get a cup fill full coffee.

Microwave – Lance Furniture

To use the microwave, you need to use raw beef, put it inside, it will cook beef for around 3 seconds. Give you a microwaved steak, which fills 3,5 food.


Craft sliced bread, then make it with one normal bread on your inventory. Then place it on the toaster.

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Ceiling Fan

It has a light that you can turn on with a right-click. Turn off by crouching.

Portable Speaker

Play music on it by placing it wherever you want and long tap on it to go to the next song, or crouch and long tap on it to go to the previous one.

Note: you need to download the song packs in order to get it working! Click here

Some other Addons for Minecraft PE you can check in

TV (With 4 channels)

It uses the most complex command/animation system to work

Can not craft it now, you can get it from creative inventory and place it. This TV includes 4 beautiful channels.

Note: the music used in the Rick Astley clip was kindly provided by acatterz.

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Waffle Maker

One of great furniture in Lance Furniture make your home look modern

Security Cameras

A new thing is added to the Lance Furniture addon, a complex security camera system that will allow you to place security cameras and use them.

Just place up to 20 cameras where you want in your house. The camera monitor will check them.

When you are into camera mod, right-click or press the next camera button to move between cameras. Jump or move to get out of the camera testing.

Crafting Recipes

First, you need to craft furniture table

Note: You need Stainless Steel Ingots to craft this.

Couch – Imac

Toaster – Fridge

Microwave – CoffeeMaker

Gaming Chair

Minebook Pro

Small Table

Ceiling Fan

JBL Flip Speaker

Waffle Maker

Get these blueprints for your piece of furniture, just interact with the furniture table to get it.

Lance Furniture on the next update

All this was suggested in the comments by James, EmeraldMC, Mr. CrayFish, Deku, Candy H., Natalia, OFHagentgold, SlimeQueen24, DTech, Anonymous, Đjjgsjtsi, Lunatic, MCgamer129, astronautadu, Agent CPU0

Gaming Setup Microwave Curtains
Mini Couch Small TV’s Dishes
Water dispenser Laptops Figures
Piano Fish tanks Posters
Camera Toilet Shower
Sink Dishwasher Jacuzzi
Stove Tables Chairs


– Fixed addon recipes so they can be used without activating experimental 
– Performance optimizations 
– Now with fewer bugs for the 1.19
Lance Furniture

Download Lance Furniture Addon

or here (Backup link)

Lance Furniture BP
Lance Furniture RP

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