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Like A Dragon: Ishin Review – Rewriting History

Koei Tecmo’s slash and burn adventure Like a Dragon: Ishin has finally arrived – and with its unique story, stunning visuals, and impressive soundtrack, it is sure to be an absolute hit with gamers of all ages.

Like a Dragon: Ishin rewrites Japanese history and delves deep into the Edo period, allowing gamers to take on the role of a ronin warrior seeking to restore honor to the land of Japan. Set in the different provinces of Japan, the game follows the story of the Meiji restoration while blending both historical and fantasy elements, providing gamers with an original and amazing experience.

Players can also choose to create their own custom character, as well as hone their skills in combat and across all terrains. With its combination of strategic, action-packed combat, along with its stunning visuals and soundtrack, Like a Dragon: Ishin provides an expansive and wildly enjoyable experience for gamers.

Equally impressive is the rich storyline which follows the journeys of the main character, as well as his alliances and conflicts with other characters. As the players progress through this story and their characters become stronger, their tactics and techniques can also be changed to match. This allows players to experience the journey from different perspectives and find a playing style that fits their own.

Aside from the amazing story and visuals, the game’s impressively rich soundtrack is sure to be a highlight amongst gamers of all ages. From the traditional Japanese drums to dissonant battle themes and soulful ambient tunes, the soundtrack of Like a Dragon: Ishin is beautiful, unique and suits the game perfectly.

Whether you are a historical fiction fan or just looking for an all-round enjoyable gaming experience, Like a Dragon: Ishin is sure to provide. Combining the elements of strategy, action, visuals and sound, the Koei Tecmo game is a monumental achievement and should be high on the must-play list of gamers everywhere.

Like A Dragon: Ishin Review – Rewriting History

Sega’s entry into the video-game adaptation movie market is” Like a Dragon: Ishin”, released in 2013. Based on the popular video game of the same name, “Like a Dragon: Ishin” tells the story of a young thief who, in order to prove his worth, is thrust into a dangerous mission involving the rewriting of history.


The story follows protagonist Isono Yuu, a former thief who finds himself in the employ of the Shogunate. Tasked with gathering items known as “Dragon Stones” scattered across the land, Isono soon discovers that the stones are key to rewriting history. Along the way, he meets allies that help him on his quest while fighting powerful foes, all while uncovering the truth behind the mysterious Dragon Stones.


Like its namesake, “Like a Dragon: Ishin” is a turn-based RPG. Players control Isono and his allies as they battle their way through randomly-generated dungeons and bosses. The game also features a branching story-line, allowing the player to make decisions that will affect the outcome of the game.

Graphics and Sound

The visuals found in “Like a Dragon: Ishin” are bright and vibrant. Characters are well-detailed and the environments are detailed and alive. The game’s music is also quite good, featuring traditional Japanese instruments coupled with electric guitars and other modern instruments.


Overall, “Like a Dragon: Ishin” is a great entry into the Sega video game movie adaptation genre. With its engaging story-line and exciting turn-based battles, the game provides endless hours of entertainment. Fans of the original video game are sure to appreciate the game’s continued dedication to its original source material.

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