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Like A Dragon: Ishin – The Reclusive Son Substory Answers

Tucked away in the outskirts of Sotenbori town in the JRPG “Yakuza: Like A Dragon” is a deeply emotive and moving substory, revolving around its central protagonist, Ishin – The Reclusive Son. Having grown up in poverty and financial hardship, this young boy is in desperate need of friends and support, and you play an essential role in helping his dreams of becoming a professional boxer become a reality.

Ishin’s story is incredibly personal, which makes it all the more meaningful, as you guide him through his struggles, being his support and his mentor through everything that he experiences. Taking place during the early days of Yakuza: Like A Dragon’s story, you’ll have a hand in helping Ishin in every way, from providing money and supplies, to helping him find information and even getting him into a boxing tournament.

But despite all of the help you can offer, Ishin is uncooperative and hesitant to accept your assistance, which is why the substory’s ending, and the way it is handled, is crucial. The player has to build up Ishin’s trust in order to get him to open up, and through his narration, you’ll finally learn the reason behind his aloofness, and how a single event in his childhood led to his reclusiveness over time.

If you successfully complete this substory, Ishin’s story won’t just have a positive outcome, you’ll also gain some new friends, with Ishin and his family becoming important characters in Yakuza: Like A Dragon’s story. It’s more than just a random side-mission, it’s an emotionally charged story of friendship, despair, redemption and self-discovery, and it’s one of the best ones that the game has to offer.

Like a Dragon: Ishin – The Reclusive Son Substory Answers

Ryu Ga Gotoku (Yakuza) Ishin – The Reclusive Son substory guide

The Ishin – The Reclusive Son substory in Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin is a quest that revolves around Shintaro “Juuza” Kazama and his long-lost son, Ishin. It is a very unique and satisfying story that can be completed in several different ways, depending on the player’s choices.

Here are the answers for the Ishin – The Reclusive Son substory:

  • Part 1: Talk to Ishin inside the Dragon Palace
  • Part 2: Find Ishin’s mother at Kameda Clinic
  • Part 3: Find the drug dealer in Sharakuen
  • Part 4: Follow the drug dealer to the graveyard
  • Part 5: Confront Sugai at the graveyard
  • Part 6: Confront Ishin at the graveyard

The Ishin – The Reclusive Son substory is a great way to learn more about Shintaro “Juuza” Kazama’s past and his long-lost son. It is also an emotional story with a satisfying and heart-warming ending. Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin is an amazing game, and this substory is just one of the many amazing quests you can play in it.

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