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I do not deny that Normal Villagers are cute. I also like Normal Villagers.

But if the villager is a smaller, more cute-looking girl, you might be able to be happier. You visited this page because you were interested in changing villagers into little girls, right?

Applying this resource pack will transform a villager into a cute little girl with a wide variety of hair colors. Its voice also changes like a girl.

How does it work?

With the introduction of this resource pack, villagers will look like little girls.

↓Farmer’s villager in Plane biome

↓Child villagers and adult villagers

↓Villagers lying in bed

It corresponds to version 1.16. Anything from villager and pillager update onwards will work fine.

The specific contents are as follows.


  • Villager will be changed to all 6 types of body with different hairstyle and hair color and eye color. 
  • Voice of villagers changes. By the way, they will speak in Japanese. This is because I am Japanese. (Examples of voice: “Yaho-“, “Please take your time”) 
  •  The clothes for each occupation of the villagers are the same as those of Normal Villagers, so it is easy to understand the occupation.
  • The outfits of each biome that the villagers live in look the same as normal villagers, but I only tried a little on the outfits of the villagers born in the plains. (Does it look good?). 
  • The villagers do not cross their arms in front of their chest. Will give you the same posture as the player.
  • By this resource pack, the trade lineup of items with villagers and the nature and behavior of villagers as mobs do not change.
  • cute.

Villagers by biome:









Please access the Dropbox URL and download to Minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)



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