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Loot Randomizer Addon

Loot Randomizer addon changes the drops from nearly every block and mob in the game with a arbitrary item/ block. it can also summon a arbitrary mob when a block is broken.

Cre: B0NY434445 (Youtube, Twitter)

Loot Randomizer Addon

There are 23 different spoil tables you can switch between in the geste settings, Each giving every block and mob a different drop.

To switch between spoil tables.

1. Install the Behavior Pack

– spark cheats

Resource pack needed if your game language is NOT set to English

2. Once it’s installed go to your world settings and in your active geste packs, click on the geste pack and you should see a gear icon, click it. 


3. Move the slider to whatever spoil table you want to use, they all work the same way each bone is just a different spoil table. 

Loot Randomizer

Some addon you can like in


There’s two downloads one is for minecraft interpretation1.14 and the other is for interpretation if you’re still on the1.14 update download the aged interpretation of the addon or some effects might not work rightly. 


– Added support for the minecraft1.16 update

– Particulars/ blocks and realities from the1.16 update have been added into the randomizer – Fixed some pause issues

mcpeaddons download

Download Loot Randomizer Addon (RP) or download here (Drive) 

Download Loot Randomizer Addon (BP) or download here (Drive) 

Download Loot Randomizer Addon (No Ads)

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