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Lukas’s Java Parity Pack is a resource pack that aims to close the parity gap between Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. This resource pack accomplishes this by changing small parity issues to make them closer to the Java Edition. This resource pack was designed to be compatible with nearly every type of content available: UI packs, resource packs, shaders, marketplace content, and other types of content. Additionally, all devices are supported – from Windows 10 with RTX to consoles to mobile devices.

Version 1.0.0 of Lukas’s Java Parity Pack includes the following list of changes:

-Removed flying item renderer (items flying across screen when crafting or shift clicking)
-Removed popping item animation in the hotbar when interacting or using an item
-Removed “pop” sound effect when dropping items
-Removed category text From Survival Mode (i.e. the blue text underneath item name saying “Nature” and others)
-Changed banner, potion, fireworks, and fireworks star text colors to match Java Edition
-Debuffs will appear red and buffs will appear blue in the effects list as a result of the previous change
-Effect command output changed a bit as a result of the previous change
-Reduced default mipmapping level to better match Java Edition
-Changed red overlay when attacking an entity to better match Java Edition (only on non-RTX Windows 10 and mobile) *APPLY THIS PACK ABOVE ANY SHADER PACKS*
-Changed primed TNT to match the Java Edition (only on non-RTX Windows 10 and mobile) *APPLY THIS PACK ABOVE ANY SHADER PACK*
-OpfiFine Feature: Enable/Disable Vignette (the dark border at low Y-levels when fancy graphics is on), use subpacks slider (RESTART GAME TO APPLY CHANGES)
-You can now hover over locked trades and see the item’s full details (including enchantments)
-Roofed forest grass is now properly colored
-Fully supported with Java Aspects/Java Aspects+ and Vanilla Deluxe v9.1.1 (apply above both packs)
-Only American English (en_US) is supported at the moment, more translations to come

Here are some specific images of the changelog that are interesting to note:

You can now view unlocked trades and see full item details. As you can see, Vanilla Deluxe: Java UI is fully supported. Players using controllers need to enable the cursor and hover over the item to see its details.

Pocket UI is also supported! Just touch the item that you want to view to see its details!

Potion text colors finally match Java Edition’s potion text colors!

The red overlay when dealing damage has been made much more transparent to match Java Edition. The same goes for primed TNT.

This is the color of roofed forest grass as well as how it blends with other nearby biomes.

Important Notes:

  • When applying this pack, please restart your game AND your world for changes to fully take effect.
  • When enabling/disabling the vignette, please restart your game for changes to fully take effect.
  • Please do not re-distribute this pack to other websites, make profit off of this pack, or remix this pack without explicit permission of @MCGaming_Lukas.
  • Please credit @MCGaming_Lukas when discussing/talking about this resource pack.

    So what are you waiting for? Download today!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)



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