Lundum Survival – Economy SMP | (NO WHITELIST!)


Welcome to Lundum Survuvial! The number 1 ranked Minecraft Bedrock Economy SMP server!. Join now IP: [ ] for endless community fun! (Its free to play, and there is NO whitelist!)

Welcome to Lundum Survival!

Lundum Survival is a Minecraft Bedrock SMP server that is designed to be rewarding, and FUN! Play with others, earn in game money, and crates! ALL for free. 
So you may be asking… how do I play? Glad you asked! You can play by earning money via the economy system, with new items being added to the shop each week, there is always something to sell, or spend on! With the money you have earned you can buy in game items, like pets, gear, cosmetics, particles, and food. Soon we plan on teaming up with addon creators to add in game content for you to purchase via in-game currency, while giving the content creators the promotion they deserve!

We are a continuation of Simplycraft by NotGeorge aka KLLZx, but the server is not explicitly run by him.


Our OFFICIAL Trailer:

With many new things being added every day, who KNOWS what you will find fun! What are you waiting for? Come join the fun!

Plushies Soon + New Shop + New Black Market

Hey! hope you’re all having an excellent week! We’re here today with some exciting new specials as well as an update on the addition of custom plushies! We’ve got some awesome things coming up (it may even be a special servers anniversary next month), so keep an eye out!

Until the the 15th of June, all crate keys are 10% off.

Purchasing the 5x Crate Key package is now 4,000 L$

Purchasing the 10x Crate Key package is now 8,000 L$

Purchasing the 15x Crate Key package is now 12,000 L$


We have recently redone the shop (This means a redesign, and NEW items!)

Over 100+ selling and buying stations for you to make some profit! As well as a weekly changing/rotating shop that will change every week with new items! As well as our new black market for enchanted and rare gears.


We know many of our community members have been excited to see progress on the addition of plushies. I’m excited to announce that we will soon release stage one of our pets, with all of our limited edition and custom modeled pets following soon. 


Change-log 1.0
– New rewards for joining the server for the first time.
– New Crate types
– New Plugins!
– More Support on discord!

Supported Minecraft versions


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