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Sculk Worm Addon V1

The sculk worm is a blind monster.  but has relatively good ears and is agile if he hears the enemy  will rush towards you with speed  and able to dig blocks to escape


Because he was blind but had quite good ears.  So we can deceive  Let it go the other way by using an item that can be thrown snowball, arrow, egg and etc. He can also burrow into the ground to camouflage, which he uses quite often. When he burrows into the ground, all we will see is his shadow. He can break blocks.  Can only get all kinds of stone and deepslate. He is a cave monster, he only spawns in caves or underground areas.  that he can mine blocks so that he can go anywhere in his area

Health 135

Damage 35-40

The way to survive the sculk worm is to sneak all the time you see him and use thrown objects. to distract him, or if he finds you then there will be a small jump scare sound to let you know he has found you.  If he finds you, try to find a high place made of stones that he can break.  because he could not climb the rocks that he could crash.  Or if there is no height, try to run spam jump because he is quite fast.  He could climb blocks like a spider if the blocks weren’t stone blocks

You don’t have to worry if you see him.  He glows in the dark so you can easily see him.  except when he dug into the ground

Who will play for fun, press off the tile drop to prevent lag. or you play survival It can be turned on or off

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No change every thing can change in future you can comment to report bug we will fixed if we can do


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