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Mass Effect 1: All The Maps (With Everything Marked)

Even if you’ve already explored every last corner of the world of Mass Effect 1, every mission beat and defeated every boss, you may still find something to see in this amazing map collection of the first Mass Effect game.

Life can be tough for a novice Mass Effect player, especially when they’re so overwhelmed they don’t even know where to start. But don’t despair, because there is a helpful guide out there to help you navigate this epic universe.

Mass Effect: All the Maps (with Everything Marked)is a collection of maps drawn by a dedicated fan that cover absolutely every single map and location in Mass Effect 1. From the Normandy to Thessia, and even the rare bonus locations of Noveria and Ilos!

The maps are all designed with a level of detail and accuracy that is both astounding and awe-inspiring. Every single point of interest is labeled — from gun vendors, to hidden weapon caches, to secret areas and Quest objectives. If you can think of something related to Mass Effect 1 that’s worth seeing, it’s probably there!

The maps are both clean and functional, designed with a minimalist art style that keeps the focus firmly on the essentials. But if you prefer some more depth and flavor, the author also provides modernized versions of the maps, which are steeped in the lore of Mass Effect universe and the characters that inhabit it.

The collection is presented in an easy-to-navigate format with its own web-browser interface that makes it a breeze to locate the map you’re looking for. Also, many of the maps come in either a pinned or a blank version to install as a mod, so you don’t have to draw it all out on your own.

For even more convenience, the maps are also available in printable formats, which means that you can easily print your own personal copy of a specific map and carry it around with you whenever you need it.

Whether you’re a newcomer looking for your first adventure or a veteran looking for something more, Mass Effect : All the Maps (with Everything Marked) is sure to provide a helpful and well-crafted solution for both scenarios.

Mass Effect 1: All The Maps (With Everything Marked)

Mass Effect 1 was a groundbreaking RPG, allowing gamers to truly explore distant galaxies and discover new worlds. With that in mind, we have taken the time to compile all maps from the game and mark down everything from mission objectives to item locations.


  • Weapon Locker: Located just before the Conduit control.
  • Hazard Barrels: In the same room near the Conduit Control.
  • Fresnel Amplifier: Section 2 of the facility.
  • Conduit Control: Control section of the facility.


  • Thorian Tentacle: Found beneath the ruins.
  • Element Zero: Near the Thorian Tentacle.
  • Thorian Creeper: Around the Thorian Tentacle.
  • Minerals: In the ruins.


  • Power Node: In the tunnel.
  • Idolabra: In the laboratory.
  • Puzzle Piece: In the lower levels.
  • Lift Controls: In the control room.


  • Data Cluster: Found in the residential area.
  • Data Disc: In the hub.
  • Fero-Tech Data Disc: In the lab.
  • Geth Data Disc: In the hub.


  • Geth Data Disc: In the bunker.
  • Power Generator: In the bunker.
  • Geth Data Disc: In the beach area.
  • Bio-Weapon Data: In the ruins.

These are all the maps in Mass Effect 1, with everything marked and detailed. We hope this helps you explore the galaxy and uncover all its secrets. Happy exploring!

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