Mass Effect 4 Would be Leaving Money on the Table Without More Love Interests

Mass Effect 4 would be leaving Money on the Table Without More Love Interests

Love interests can add a sense of fun, drama, and depth to any video game, and “Mass Effect 4″ is no exception to this. Although the Mass Effect series has periodically toyed with the idea of introducing more love interests, the main series has never truly allowed the player to fully explore the idea of having more than one romantic relationships at any one time.

It would be a disservice to the game and its potential to not explore this concept further, as allowing your players to craft a unique relationship experience could be a great avenue to explore.

Here’s why More Love Interests Would be a Great Idea

  • Added Replayability: Adding love interests would greatly increase the replayability of the game, as it would give players an incentive to try out different relationships and see how different characters react. This could also create an incentive to romance multiple characters, rather than just sticking to one for the whole game.
  • More Depth: With more love interests, players would have the opportunity to delve deeper into a more realistic representation of relationships, as well as to learn more about the characters they’re romancing. Players could also forge more complex relationships with different characters, as well as explore the various ramifications of these relationships.
  • Unique Narrative Possibilities: Introducing more love interests could open up a vast range of narrative possibilities, as well as create more opportunities for players to shape the narrative by choosing which relationships they pursue. This would give players a sense of agency, as they could craft a unique romantic experience based on their choices.


Ultimately, allowing players to pursue multiple love interests in Mass Effect 4 could be a great way to bring a new and unique level of depth and replayability to the series. While the competing demands of narrative and game development means that this concept will certainly take some time to properly explore, it would nevertheless be a great choice to implement this idea in the game.

By aadhu

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