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MCPE?Bedrock Anime Sword *NEW UPDATE*

Anime Sword *NEW UPDATE*


This pack modifies minecraft swords to anime swords, contains sword of Zoro, Zenitsu, Tanjiro and Milhalk. The swords that are modified are Stone, Diamond, Gold and Wood. Download this pack and play with your favourite anime’s swords. 


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Download and play with the most beautiful and powerful swords in the anime, this pack will replace five minecraft swords from the one in the image below


Zenitsu = Wood sword

Tanjiro = Stone sword

Zoro = Iron Sword

Milhawk = Diamond sword

Swords in game

Now the sword appears in the hand in first person

Watch the video below to see the swords in game


  • Added 4 anime swords in minecraft bedrock
  • Added Milhawk swords 
  • Added Zoro swords
  • Added Tanjiro swords
  • Added Zenitsus swords
  • Correction in modelling



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