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MeoWhy Furniture V2.0 Testfix🍄 (+170 Decorations!!) 1.19 – MCPE AddOns

It looks like your Minecraft experience is about to get a whole lot better! With the release of MeoWhy Furniture V2.0 Testfix🍄 (+170 Decorations!!) 1.19 for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) AddOns, you are invited to upgrade your game in a major way.

MeoWhy Furniture V2.0 Testfix🍄 will allow you to decorate your virtual landscape with stylish, realistic, and perfectly detailed furniture. Take your blocky world to the next level – add a bed, a sofa or a lamp to your home. Create a cozy outdoor area with some picnic tables, chairs, or a hammock. You can even craft a large dining table and several chairs and host a dinner party!

With +170 decorations to choose from, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating your dream home. Every piece of furniture is crafted from individual pieces, allowing you to build exact replicas of your favorite pieces. And the best part? Each piece is realistically detailed and comes complete with hand-painted textures for an incredibly realistic look.

Moreover, this update comes with an improved experience for all plugins. This ensures that all plugins will be compatible with the latest version of the game, so you won’t have to worry about any compatibility issues.

Whether you are a casual or a hardcore gamer, the MeoWhy Furniture V2.0 Testfix🍄 (+170 Decorations!!) 1.19 is a must-have update for MCPE AddOns. With +170 decorations to choose from, you are sure to create living spaces that are every bit as realistic and beautiful as the ones in the real world. So upgrade your Minecraft experience today – this is one update you don’t want to miss!

MeoWhy Furniture contains more than +170 decoration blocks for your world, This furniture addon does not have any type of theme, it is simply a lot of furniture for any type of situation.

Creator: MeoWhen-1 (Youtube, Twitter)

MeoWhy Furniture

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Updates 1 or more times per week!

MeoWhy Furniture

⭐This add-on has:⭐







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⬜stones on the ground

🎟️Picnic stuff




⭐and more!!⭐

Review videos:


Decoration ideas:

2.0 test update:

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Added chairs and dummy entity!

MeoWhy Furniture
MeoWhy Furniture

Dummy entity is work in progress, so you can only find it on creative mode!

1.9 update!

Placeable items 

//(Shield and Trident at the moment)\

MeoWhy Furniture

Just put the item you want to be a block in a crafting table and you will get it, if you break the block you will get the normal item

(example in the gif below)

MeoWhy Furniture

Salmon-mon-mon♪ (bunch of salmon) crafted with… Salmon…

MeoWhy Furniture

Roof [Type 2]

MeoWhy Furniture

Lots of new flags!

MeoWhy Furniture

More recent updates furniture: Teddy bear, Stripped spruce log pillars.

MeoWhy Furniture

What you can make with this addon?

MeoWhy Furniture
MeoWhy Furniture

How to use some of the blocks:

MeoWhy Furniture

All in this addon is friendly survival! And you can craft everything in a crafting table!

Craft Recipes:

MeoWhy Furniture
MeoWhy Furniture

Some furniture models and wallpapers


MeoWhy Furniture


MeoWhy Furniture


MeoWhy Furniture


MeoWhy Furniture
MeoWhy Furniture
MeoWhy Furniture


-You need to download “Block Geo Fixer” to be able to see correctly all the furniture (without it you can’t see the furniture)

-If you want to use this addon in your Realm you need to download another “Block Geo Fixer” This one doesn’t work on realms, you can search it here on

Activate experimental features (necessary).


MeoWhy Furniture

If you break any of these I will probably report your video and the respective punishment will be given to your channel.

MeoWhy Furniture

Exclusive furniture if you install “MeoWhen Hats”

MeoWhy Furniture

Sorry for not updating anymore, I’ll do it soon. I was inactive for personal reasons for a long time. I’m still busy but I have some things to add =)

Some other Funiture you can check in


Fixed recent Minecraft update compatibility:

Some furniture disappeared in last Minecraft updatenow is fixed.

Fixed some broken models.

Minor texture adjustments.

2.0 update:

• Added chairs (2 in total)

• Added dummy (entity, only in spawn eggs, creative mode)

• Some 1.19 fixes

1.9 updates:

• Added Shield (placeable block)

• Added Trident (placeable block)

• Added Salmon stack (placeable block)

• Added Spanish language (MX and ES)


Fixed all blinking textures!


You need to download 3 link files! (Resource pack, Behavior pack and Geometry Fix!)

Then click the mcpack file and import it to Minecraft 🙂


mcpeaddons download

Download MeoWhy Furniture (Resource pack)

Download MeoWhy Furniture (Behavior pack)

Download Geometry fix (NECESSARY) || MediaFire

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