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Mesozoic Biology is one of many other dino addons, but, this one is special, because Mesozoic Biology aims for Scientific accuracy! Many effort has been putted into it to make the most accurate models ever, with assesory by experts on the field, we hope you like it!

Mesozoic Biology as said before, is an addon that aims for Scientific accuracy, and, archieves it, so, if you want to see how dinosaurs really were, this is your addon! So, let’s get into it!

In this beta, we have 3 dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops horridus, and Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, all of them are tameable, sittable, rideable, and saddleable (saddle is optional)

First of all, we have the eggs, for now all of them are the same, but in the future they will have special models and textures for each of them!

Tyrannosaurus rex

Tyrannosaurus roamed north america in the late cretaceous, this big guy will spawn in the overworld, is hostile towards most animals, except you and will lay eggs before turning old


HP: 2000

Attack damage: 1500

Tameable with: bones

Ageable with: most raw meat

Healable with: raw and cooked beef

Triceratops horridus

Triceratops lived alongside Tyrannosaurus in north america late cretaceous, this guy will also spawn in the overworld, is passive towards all neutral and passive mobs, except for chickens, rabbits, and bees


HP: 2000

Attack damage: 1500

Tameable with: golden carrot

Ageable with: leaves, apples, carrot, beetrooth, and raw rabbit

Healable with: apple and golden apple

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

Spinosaurus roamed africa on the starts of the cretaceous, this one also spawn in the overworld, but, it has a special ability, it swims super fast and with his own swim animation!


HP: 1800

Attack damage: 600

Tameable with: bones

Ageable with: some raw meat and salmon

Healable with: raw and cooked salmon

Video guide of the addon


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Scientific assesors:


Paleo Fan


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