Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app for Windows 10 adds a battery indicator, prepares to support making phone calls


Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app has been knocking around for over a year now, but only recently did it become more useful. The app can now sync notifications from your phone to your PC, read and reply to SMS from your PC, and view photos on your phone. It will even eventually be able to mirror your phone screen. Microsoft is now adding a battery indicator and preparing for phone call support.

A new feature for Windows Insiders is a battery indicator in the Windows Your Phone app. There is a simple battery icon located in the top corner of the sidebar above the image of your phone. It appears that you can see the exact percentage by hovering over or clicking the battery icon.

Next up is a very exciting feature: phone calls. Microsoft previously talked about this feature, but this is the first time we’re seeing it in real life. “Calls” shows up in the sidebar and clicking it brings up a dialer screen. The dialer has access to the contacts on your phone, so you can simply type in a name or use the number pad. When a phone call is active, you’ll see a small floating window with a button to hang up and expand the window. When expanded, there is an option to move the call to your phone.

This works by connecting your phone to your PC over Bluetooth, so the PC essentially acts as a Bluetooth headset. Once the Your Phone Android app is updated, you will be able to see a list of recent calls in the Windows app as well. And answering an incoming call on your PC works just as you’d imagine. This is a very cool feature and we expect to see it soon in Insider builds.

Your Phone Companion - Link to Windows
Your Phone Companion - Link to Windows

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