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Military Addon (New Armor) – MCPE AddOns

Military Addon allows you to create your own army, complete with ranks and equipment, as you see appropriate. This mod expands the game’s arsenal with new weapons and armor.

Military Addon (New Armor)

Welcome to the new modification that adds:

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New weapons: Ppsh, M1 Grand, Shotgun, Mosin, thompson 

New armor: British, French, German

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Costumes are divided into two varieties : soldier and military medic

Military Addon (New Armor)
Military Addon (New Armor) 15

Some addons Minecraft PE you can check in

In next update add new items,block , Crafting and Structures

Hope you enjoy my addon! 😀

I am waiting for your ratings and suggestions in the comment


  • New guns
  • New decorative blocks
  • New armor 
Military Addon

Download Addon (New Armor) (RP)

Download Addon (New Armor) (BP)

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