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Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Plus [1.4.2] – MCPE AddOns

With Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Plus, you can explore a new environment filled with fresh axolotls, ores, and much more, including new mobs and underutilized old mobs, as well as even more new stuff.

Cre: TonicCrafter (Youtube, Twitter)

Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Plus 

Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Plus addon contains brand new blocks, mobs, and other features that we are currently developing. We’re glad you all understood why we were late with the official release of the add-latest on’s version; it took us over two months to get to 1.4.2, but we’re glad to have it out now.

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[NEW + EXCLUSIVE] The Axolotl behind the Slaughter

[NEW + EXCLUSIVE] Soul Axolotl

as of now the texture is buggy, gonna release an update soon.

Blue Axolotl

Cyan Axolotl

Green Axolotl

Gold Axolotl

Lava Axolotl

Nether Axolotl

Tropical Axolotl

Wild Axolotl


Sculk Frog

[NEW + EXCLUSIVE] Purple Frog

Can only be gotten with commands – “/summon mc:frog_purple”



Rose Gold

Rose Gold Ore:

Drops: Rose Gold

Break Time: 1.5 Seconds

Needed Pickaxe: Wood+


Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Plus
Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Plus [1.4.2] 34

Ruby Ore:

Drops: Ruby

Break Time: 1 Second

Needed Pickaxe: Wood+

Frog Planks/Frog Skin

Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Plus
Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Plus [1.4.2] 35


Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Plus
Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Plus


Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Plus


Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Plus



For information on blocks, or how to do things with the add-on, visit this page:  

MCBE: Plus – Help

New Blocks

Pack Changes

  • Added a new titles and panorama section.
  • Added 1.18 Panorama, 1.16 Panorama, 1.17 Panorama, Beta Panorama, 1.15 Panorama, 1.14 [Java and Bedrock] Panorama’s, 1.13 [Java and Bedrock] Panorama’s.
  • Added the Beta title, the MCBE Plus titles [1.4.1/1.4.2 Preview, 1.4.0 and 1.3.0/1.2.0]
  • Added 1.4.2 for both BP and RP.

New Mobs

  • Added the Purple Frog
  • Added the Soul Axolotl + the Purple Man Axolotl

New Items

Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Plus

Download from Creator’s Web

Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition:Plus (File Drive)

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