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Several of the Minecraft dungeon monsters come to Minecraft through an addon.

Better animations and textures will be added soon changes in the behavior of some mobs, blocks, structures, more power and loot for some mobs, Minecraft DLC will also be added in the future

all entities can only be generated with eggs

Redstone mostrocity according to minecraft dungeons boss who came to minecraft bedrock

monstrosity of redstone has new animations that have not been seen before in minecraft

700 hearts

melee attack

Pillager variants

each one has their own egg

*use vindicator sounds

*gold variant 27 hearts

*diamond variant 38 hearts

Pig chest:

*it will drop a good amount of emeralds it has the same amount of hearts as a normal pig

*use pig sounds


*use custom animations when spawning, walking, summoning

*summons vanguard skeletons and skeleton to protect yourself has 500 hearts


*custom animations general, walk, attack

*30 hearts

*will hit you with his strong long arms 30 hearts

Vindicator variants 

each one has their own egg

*custom walking animation

*Use vindicator sounds  

*variant with helmet 30 hearts 

*variant with horned helmet 40 hearts 

royal guard:

use vindicator sounds 

34 hearts

careful is very strong

Key golem

use key golem sounds 

7 hearts

at the moment nothing does anything special but when he dies he will release a key


has no sounds

100 hearts

summons zombies and skeletons it doesn’t take long to summon each group


use wraith sounds

25 hearts

He will hit you with his arms and he will never tire of following you

cook vindicator

use vindicator sounds 

28 hearts 

just like a vindicator only its appearance changes

Skeleton vanguard 

use skeleton sounds

stab you with his spear be careful

is invoked by the nameless

30 hearts 

Cube redstone

custom animation to walk = roll

*has no sounds

*20 hearts

his attacks are very strong be careful



*Currently no animations but will be added in the future

*30 hearts

*has no sounds

Arch illager 

40 hearts 

use arch illager sounds 

summons vindicator and pillagers is low on life but arrow will not be easy to target while flying


400 hearts

you can hit it a lot if you want to move it you will have to destroy it and it will drop a dummy egg

Items 3d:

This feature of 3d items can only be activated from the files since it is still in testing but it will arrive soon and will be part of the addon


all the people who were watching the progress of this addon on my Twitter

entity sounds added thanks @netongas_ng

*added to geomancer

*added a mcpack file for textures and behavior

*whisperer spawns in jungle,skeleton vanguard is generated in all biomes, geomancer is generated in savanna,chest pig is generated in all biomes and dimensions,wraith spawns in taiga forests

*the behavior file of all the vindicator variants has been completely changed, to try to solve the problems

*files for download were updated by adding a zip file and mcaddon

*big changes in the description of most of the entities like description of sounds, hearts ect


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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