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Hello there,

Have you ever been bored about the minecarft fauna?

This Addon will change that…

Introducing Minecraft Menagerie, an Addon that changes some of the vanilla mobs models, behaviors, and also nem mobs!

List of Resources changes:

List of Behavior changes:

  • Spider(neutral): drops string, and are tameble with rottem flesh
  • Wolf: spawns during night, and are hostile in low light levels. Drops raw mutton and raw rabbit upon death
  • Phantons: increased HP and spawn in 2 nights isted of 3, and should spawn in The End
  • Polar Bear: are breedable with fish
  • Chicken: drops feathers
  • Cats: drops string, and atack creepers
  • Creepers: can see through walls
  • Shulker: now drops up to two shulker shell

ps: some of the mods listed and all of the new mobs are stackable, wich means that they beahave similar to blocks and can stack up one another. Coming to other mobs a well.

List of NEW mobs:

  • Horned Sheep: based on Minecraft Earth game, is a variante of the Sheep, but is neutral until atacked. Drops horns upon death
  • Grizzly Bear: is a bear variant that spawns in Taiga biomes, and are neutral but will atack to protect a cub. Are breedable with honeycomb and drops leather, fish and honeycomb upon death
  • Scorpion: is a spider variant that spawms in deserts biomes and are hostile in low light levels. When atacks it aplies an effect of nausea. drops string upon death(sorry not ready yet :P)
  • Mastodon: is a brand new mob that spawns in snowy biomes and are neutral but will atack to protect a calf. Are breedable with leaves and drops leather, string and tusks upon death

More features to come!


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