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Minecraft+ Modpack

Minecraft+ is a modpack is a pack with no goal. Just some cool addons that spice up Minecraft. This pack contains lots of machines, magic, bosses, and more cool things.

Addon List

All of these addons are combined into one addon, so you won’t need to download any of these

  • Advanced Machinery
  • Advanced Machinery Expansion
  • Toast’s Engineering
  • Diversity
  • Skills Addon
  • Magical Spells



Turn on “Holiday Creator Features”, “Additional Modding Capabilities”, and “Creation of Custom Biomes” In the world settings or the addon will not work!

If you want to add any extra addons, make sure the modpack is at the top of the resource and behavior packs list!

creator: https://twitter.com/Fluffyalien1422


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