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Minecraft: Nether Expansion 2.0! -Updated- MCPE AddOns

Even after the 1.16 Minecraft Nether Update, there is still plenty of room in the nether dimension for new and exciting features, which is exactly what Nether Expansion addon will offer to your Minecraft world!

Cre: Mr. Mastery (Youtube

Nether Expansion Feature

Watch this video to see all the new features added in Version 2.0 in game!



Nether Expansion



Nether Expansion
Nether Expansion


Nether Expansion

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You can watch this video to see all the features added in v1.0 to this addon pack

Marouge Forest:

Piglin Fungus Thrower:


Nether Expansion

Warped Stag:

Nether Expansion

Soul Forest:

Wither Beast:

Wandering Soul:

Nether Expansion

Nether Mite:

Nether Expansion


DO NOT upload this addon anywhere else! That is copyright, and can have severe punishments. If you want to review my addon in a video, i’d be more than happy to support you, please message me on discord or on twitter before you do so!


This is version 2.0 of the Nether Expansion addon! This version adds:

  • Wildfire (Mini-Boss)
  • Magma Tyrant (Mob)
  • Amber Ghast (Mob)
  • Amber Ore, Amber Chunk, Multiple new Amber Blocks
  • Moonstone, Moonstone Bricks, Polished Moonstone, Moonstone Crystal
  • Dullstone, Dull Stone Bricks, Polished Dullstone, Dullstone Crystal
  • Moonstone Armor
  • Gilded Scraps
  • Gilded Netherite Armor
Nether Expansion

Download Nether Expansion (RP) OR FILE

Download Nether Expansion (BP) OR FILE

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