The popular sandbox game, Minecraft, has just seen the release of yet another monumental update: Minecraft PE 1.20. This update has brought with it a wealth of new features and capabilities, as well as improvements to overall gameplay.

For starters, this update brings a new capture the flag mini-game. This is a 4-team game mode that has players competing to capture the flag and score the most points. Additionally, a craftable compass has been added. Any crafting table can craft a Compass, which can point players towards certain locations with accuracy.

The visuals of Minecraft PE 1.20 have also been improved with a variety of lighting and game shadow effects. The rain and snow have also been much-improved, with overlapping layers and greater detail being added to them.

The new update also adds several new blocks, such as blackstone, wet sponge and more. These new blocks give players a wide range of new combinations and possibilities for Minecraft designs and structures.

The UI has also received some general optimization and bug fixes, making the overall experience much smoother.

Overall, Minecraft PE 1.20 is a must-have for any fan of the popular game. With the new features and improvements, it’s sure to see plenty of use in the near future.

By aadhu

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