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This addon adds a thrilling event, which spawns a horde of zombies on a specific day. I created it for someone who feels that if only Minecraft had a event worth defending the base with NPCs, other than Raid, just like me. This is still beta, so be patient until it becomes more exciting.

How does it work?

At full moon night (it means once in 8 days), a horde of zombies (10 or more for now) spawns around you, and try to kill you as usual.

↓On a horde day, a lot of zombie are coming.

  As the difficulty of the game become harder, the spawn rate increases. In hard mode, a horde has 1.5 higher chances to spawn than normal zombie does. (This rate is being adjusted. It could be changed on the coming version.)  

And in the mode, they spawn such where normal zombies never spawn. Be careful and save your base.

Remember that they spawns even underground, if the game mode is normal or hard.

If you want to force the event occur, enter slash command “/time add 24000” until moon phase is full.

If you want to spawn a horde (it might be too small to call it ‘horde’), use a spawn egg (it’s texture is black) named “item.spawn_egg.entity.hinihatetsu:zombie_horde_anchor.name”, or enter slash command “/summon hinihatetsu:zombie_horde_anchor”. Don’t forget to set moon phase full, or it only kill itself soon after spawned.

Terms of Use

You may:

  • use this addon for fun.
  • record this addon for your video sharing, such as on youtube.
  • analyze the files in this pack. It’s not complicated.

You may not:

  • re-upload this addon on any other website.


You must turn experimental game play on to apply this addon.

This is still under development. I need to adjust a lot of parameters to make this addon better. So please give me feedbacks via this page, twitter(@hinihatetsu) or discord(hinihatetsu#4302), like “it’s too many zombies on full moon day”, or “I need something more thrilling like a horde of zombies destroying my base”(I think it goes too far?) or something.

This addon never changes any JSONs of Vanilla not to compete with any other addon, If you don’t mind it, I’ll change them to improve my addon.

I don’t check yet whether or not it works on MCBEv1.16. but I think it works.


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